An Update. (or why it's maybe ok to work on something for 15 years and maybe just stop doing it.)

We've had a very eventful 2020 so far, haven't we? I felt kind of bad leaving the last update up for so long without really updating on what is happening with this comic. I don't know how many people were keeping up with it or terribly interested in the concept of the work, but I think it's safe to say that I need to put this on the front page. Do not expect this work to be finished. It will probably never happen. Somewhere along the way of telling this story, I realized that I had worked out a lot of things through the creation of this work. It improved me as an artist and as a person. I woke up one day and noticed a few things. One is that I had more or less planned the story from start to finish, and no longer had the urge to continue rendering the story I was telling. It was just enough that I had thought of it. The other thing that happened is that I realized that I no longer related to many of my characters, who were going through things and dealing with issues I wasn't, and that what I was dealing with in this stage of my life were things these characters just couldn't start thinking about. Ultimately, it's an issue of motivation. At some point, I needed to do this, and now I feel I'd have to do it out of obligation. I don't really want to spend my efforts obliging my art to a task that ultimately doesn't benefit anything but my desire to tell a story. I can find other, more functional and interesting ways to do that, I think, so I'm off doing that!

so why keep the site up? That's simple. Some of my favorite works on the internet are these unfinished or unpolished works that stand like monoliths in the desert. They're wellsprings of potential and possibility, and I think there's something endearing about that. When I set out to make the Dandelion Patch, I didn't know it, but I think that's all I wanted to create. So I'd like you to look around and get a feel for the time I made this. I can't capture it anymore, because it's all behind me. What's here is here to be enjoyed with an open mind and imagination, and possibly- in the future- I may decide to revist Foefurr for a new adventure (if I can think of a story I need to tell again.)

Any questions about Dandelion Patch (plot points, what I was going for, etc.) can be directed to my twitter at @bigwaifustudios I can't guarantee an answer, but you're free to probe. You can also find me at bigwaifu.com for what will more likely be the home of my next big project!
Thank you for your support and interest, and to those who were also working on the project, I do sincerely regret that I cannot see the project through with more of your incredible work. The time I spent making this unfinished work is one I will never forget! -NB

As always, thank you so much for reading, and I'm always dying to know what you all think (or if you found a spelling error!), so send me an email!