Jasmine Carbonell as Katrina Lynn
Elissa Park as Selma French
Andre Martinez as Jacob Woolfe

KAT: "Hey, Selma. Whats up?"
SELMA: "You called me? Like five times?"
KAT: "You forgot what we were doing, then, Selm?"
SELMA: "Something came up at home after track practice! I didn't think you two were serious about goin' out on a school night, anyway!"
KAT: "We just wanted to get dinner and hang out for a bit, but like, it's way too late to do any of that now!"
SELMA: "Tch."
KAT: "You could have at least called us to let us know!"
SELMA: "Sorry."
KAT: "Whatever, it's fine. We're still on for Friday, right?"
JAKE: "You're not!"
KAT: "Seriously!?"
SELMA: "Ugh, thanks Jake. Something-"
KAT: "Came up, yeah."
SELMA: "Kat, look, things have been a little hectic with college visits and stuff. I feel bad, cause I want to spend time with you guys, but like, between school and sports-"
KAT: "-and Jake."
SELMA: "Yes, and Jake. It's just gonna be a busy time for me, ok?"
KAT: "Well, alright then! At least I know that. Sorry to hear you're too busy, Selma."
SELMA: "Yeah, well, I guess we can't all just have our futures planned out."
KAT: "Just forget it."
SELMA: "I gotta go."
KAT: "Of course. Seeya."
SELMA: "Bye."