Jasmine Carbonell as Katrina Lynn
Andre Martinez as Jacob Woolfe

JAKE: "Hello? Hello??"
KAT: "H-hi Jake!"
JAKE: "Hey, Kat. Were you having phone problems or something? I got a bunch of calls from you, but I couldn't hear anything you were saying!"
KAT: "Oh, yeah! Totally! Just a bad connection, I'm sure."
JAKE: "Yeah."
JAKE: "So how's it going?"
KAT: "Oh, good. Nothing really different from this afternoon. I'm sorry again by the way for making you late."
JAKE: "It's Fine!"
KAT: "I just got so caught up in our conversation."
JAKE: "Yeah, I mean, if i cared to meet with selma on time after her practice, I'd have gone, you know? Not your fault!"
KAT: "Was she mad?"
JAKE: "Mhm. I mean I got mad back, and so we are kind of having..."
KAT: "A bit of a spat, then?"
JAKE: "Heh, yeah."
JAKE: "She's just- I dunno-different than i expected."
KAT: "H-how do you mean?"
JAKE: "I thought that her being aloof was sort of an act?"
KAT: "Oh, mhm."
JAKE: "Like, maybe around her boyfriend, she'd act a little more, affectionate?"
KAT: "Ha. No. Sorry to say, but if you wanted pet names and longing looks across the room from Selma, you're not going to get that. It's like, a big deal if I get her to smile at me anymore, and (with a hint of uncertainty) I'm, like, her best friend."
JAKE: "It makes me feel pretty unattractive to get that sort of attitude from her all the time..."
KAT: "That's so wrong!"
JAKE: "It's not a big deal-"
KAT: "I think Selma's not giving you what you deserve! You're a plenty attractive guy, J-Jake!"
JAKE: "T-thanks, Kat."
KAT: "I-I-I say that as a f-friend you know! Like-buddies!"
JAKE: "Of course. Oh."
KAT: "What?"
JAKE: "I gotta call on the other line. It's Selma."
KAT: "Oh. You'd better-"
JAKE: "Yeah, I'd better take this..."
KAT: "I'll be here, Jake."