Jasmine Carbonell as Katrina Lynn
Alyssa Kay as Jasmine Woolfe

KAT: "Hey Jas! What's up?"
JAS: "Nothin much. You busy?"
KAT: "Just working on some homework. It's mostly busywork tonight for me, but I can talk for a bit."
JAS: "Cool. I just got done mine."
KAT: "So what's the occasion?"
JAS: "What?"
KAT: "You hate talking on the phone. Is everything ok?"
KAT: "Jasmine?"
JAS: "Something's weird about Ash."
KAT: "Eh?"
JAS: "I mean, it's been like a year we've been dating, right?"
KAT: "Uh-huh?"
JAS: "So, like, I guess we did that awkward first phase of dating where you hang out and just kind of kill time, right? It was a fun couple of months, and we got to scratch the surface about eachother."
KAT: "Sure."
JAS: "But now we're in that phase where we're gettin more serious about like...you know...private stuff?"
KAT: "Uhh...is this a sex thing or...?"
JAS: "No! Well, not exactly! I mean like, I tell him stuff about my family, Jake, you know...my like...issues. Stuff I can't help but get upset about...stuff that makes me cry in front of people I don't want to. That kind of stuff."
KAT: "Y-yeah. I'd love to have someone to tell stuff like that..."
JAS: "But like...he's so secretive. He gets so paranoid about me inspecting stuff his room when we're hanging out, like he's hiding something in there?"
KAT: "O-oh yeah?"
JAS: "Yeah, this one time- my god- I went and got a hoodie out of his closet 'cause I was cold, and he FUH-LIPPED out at me!"
JAS: "If he was trying to keep something from me, he is doing a bad job of playing it cool. I'm not an idiot!
JAS:"Anyway, I was just asking if you had any idea what it could be. Do you think it's really that embarassing?"
KAT: "I, uh- hmm..."
JAS: "I don't know what he'd be embarassed about though, it's not like we don't get to the 'hands on' stuff that boyfriends and girlfriends get around to... I won't TMI you with that, though!"
KAT: ...Yeah...
JAS: "It's just worrisome. I really feel like he has this deep dark secret I'm not allowed to know about, and that really gets in the way of this feeling like it could be a long term thing"
KAT: "Yeah, I can see that, but I guess I just have experience from like, seeing your brother and Selma getting along. I feel like they sort of have the same problem."
JAS: "W-what?"
KAT: "Well like, they act so close, but from what I hear from Jake, Selma doesn't really let up her tough front when he's trying to get close to her."
JAS: "Really?"
KAT: "Yeah. I feel bad for your brother... for both of them!"
KAT: "What?"
JAS: "Nothing, can we go back to talking about Ash?"
KAT: "I was just-"
JAS: "It's not a big deal."
KAT: "I don't know what he's hiding!"
JAS: "I'm not interrogating you on it, Kat! Jeez!"
JAS: "I just...I really like Ash, but I don't want there to be something major I don't know about him. This big dealbreaker, yaknow?"
KAT: "Like he's wearing his mom's clothes or something?"
JAS: "Ugh. Yeah, something like that."
KAT: "Oh..."
JAS: "It sounds so sterile, but like, I'm just trying to know as much as I can so that I can minimize the risk of him pulling the rug out from under me and hurting me."
KAT: "Jas..."
JAS: "Hm?"
KAT: "I uh...I dunno. I'd just lay it out there and ask what's goin on, and try to be understanding. If I had a boyfriend and I was worried...that's what I would do. Heck, if I were bolder I'd be as forward as I could with every guy I liked..."
JAS: "Heh. Well, I gotta go. Jake just came in and I don't want him to be gossiping about my romantic woes."
KAT: "Say hi to him for me."
JAS: "Will do. I'll probably text you a little tonight."
KAT: "Cool. Seeya tomorrow."
JAS: "Yep."