Jasmine Carbonell as Katrina Lynn
Andre Martinez as Jacob Woolfe

JAKE: "Hey, Kat, how's it goin?"
KAT: "Fine. Having fun being hard to get a hold of?"
JAKE: "I'm a busy guy, yaknow!"
KAT: "Playing video games with your sister is time investing stuff, isn't it?"
JAKE: "I'm not takin’ that from the girl who saw...what was that movie called?"
KAT: "'That's Not Frankenstein, That's His Monster!'"
JAKE: "Yeah that one! Haven’t you seen it- like- four times!?"
KAT: "That's just as many times as I'll admit to!"
JAKE: "But that's never stopped me from wantin’ to hold you close and..."
KAT: "...and...?"
JAKE: "You know."
KAT: "Actually, Jake... can we..talk about something serious?"
JAKE: "Uh, sure! I'm all yours."
KAT: "You and Selma..."
JAKE: "I promise I'm workin’ on it, Kat..."
KAT: "How hard is it to just make a choice on this, Jake? I can't keep going behind her back..."
JAKE: "I didn't think you cared what happens to her..."
KAT: "I don't want to feel like I'm just a fling on the side. I'm not 'easygoing', you know? ...You know that, right? "
JAKE: "Of course!! Kat! I… I hear what you're saying!"
KAT: "And like- if you still like Selma, that's OK, too. I just- I don't like this in between-"
JAKE: "So-so-so what if I did like Selma!? You'd just be ok with goin’ back to being friends?"
JAKE: "Kat?"
KAT: "No. I wouldn't. I want you, Jake. Like crazy-"
JAKE: "Well then-"
KAT: "But I'm not gonna keep lying to Selma, even if I hated her- which I don’t!"
JAKE: "Hard to tell, with how you talk about her..."
KAT: "Jake! I just want the respect from you to commit to me, ok?"
JAKE: "Ok, I'll figure this out."
KAT: "I know you will. Thanks, Jakey."
JAKE: "‘Jakey?’"
KAT: "It just slipped out! I swear!"
JAKE: "You call me that in your head or something, Kat? A little pet name for your ‘Jakey Wakey?’
KAT: "No!!! You're so stupid!"
JAKE: "You love me!"
KAT: "I think so..."
JAKE: "Well, I gotta go."
KAT: "So soon?"
JAKE: "Sister incoming."
KAT: "Gotcha. So..."
JAKE: "I'm on Selma, no worries."
KAT: "OK!"
JAKE: "Bye."
KAT: "Seeya!"