Jasmine Carbonell as Katrina Lynn
Alyssa Kay as Jasmine Woolfe

JAS: "Hi."
KAT: "Hey, Jas. Do you have the reading homework for World Cultures?"
JAS: "Page One hundred to one twenty four."
KAT: "Thanks! I forgot to write it down!"
JAS: "Yup."
KAT: "Everything ok?"
JAS: "Yep"
KAT: "I know you don't talk on the phone much...but when you do you're not normally so...so..."
JAS: "Terse? Curt? Brusque?"
KAT: "Yeah!"
JAS: "Why didn't you tell me about Ash?"
KAT: "W-what?"
JAS: "He told me about his interest in wearing girl's clothes. He said you knew."
KAT: "Oh! I-I-I just walked in on him...once! In 9th grade! I didn't know it wa-"
JAS: "And you didn't think to tell me about it!?"
KAT: "I'm sorry!"
JAS: "You lied to me!"
KAT: "I'm really sorry, Jas!"
JAS: "Why the hell should I believe that? "
KAT: "We're friends!"
JAS: "Friends!? Apparently all that means is to keep crucial information from me while you bitch and moan about Selma!"
KAT: "I didn't know it would have been such a big deal, anyway!"
JAS: "I mean, I expect this sort of secretive cloak-and-dagger crap from-like- my brother! But it fucking hurt when I found out from Ash!"
KAT: "Jas..."
JAS: "I guess I'm just surrounded by liars?!"
KAT: "Come on! Would it have made any difference if I told you about this? Isn't it better you hear it from Ashley?"
JAS: "Don't call him Ashley! I-I don't know! I just...I just thought you'd tell me anything. I never really had someone I trusted enough to be like- a best friend."
KAT: "I didn't realize it would have been such a dealbreaker for you. I wish I had known that..."
JAS: "Seriously? Who wouldn't think its a dealbreaker?"
KAT: "I dunno...it doesn't seem like that big a thing to me. I don't get it, and it's definitely-like- weird!"
KAT: "But you really care about him, don't you?"
JAS: "I...I don't know if I can get past it, Kat. I don't think I should have to! I mean- I think I- like- love him...but...this is too weird. Too much for me..."
JAS: "I just keep thinking about like, what he'd look like dressed up..."
The second line beeps indicating another caller.
JAS: "Does he act like a girl? Does he have a favorite makeup brand? "
JAS: "Does he wear... panties when he's dressed like a girl? Ugh!"
KAT: "I actually wondered the same thing, Jas!"
JAS: "Stop it!"
KAT: "Oh! Uh- I have another call on the line. It's Jake."
The second line beeps indicating another caller.
JAS: "Jake? That's funny, he’s been calling this girl he's been seeing around this time!"
The second line goes dead.
KAT: "Oh yeah? That is funny!"
JAS: "...It's you, isn't it?"
KAT: "It got out of control really fast, Jas! I was going to tell you, but Jake told me not to! Please gawd don't tell Selma I- Jas?"
KAT: "Crap!"