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Katrina Rachel Ashley Selma Jasmine
Victor Elise Chuck Trisha
Claire Robbie Calvin Rachel A.


Once upon a time, Katrina Lynn was an organized young lady, and then she graduated from college. Katrina has been living in Foefurr for 2 years since with her roommate, Rachel. She works as a waitress part time, making just enough to pay rent and- if she’s lucky- afford 3 meals a day. Between her struggle finding gainful employment in her field of photography, and holding back her hopeless crush on her neighbor, Victor, she would agree that her life has gone more than a little off track. Now she approaches life with no plan, and sees little use in maintaining whatever order is left. However, there’s now a hitch in Katrina’s aimless wandering: Her mind is flooded with uncontrollable hallucinations. Through an unknowable circumstance, she can see into the pasts and presents of those around her as it manifests into a cryptic and foreboding premonition. The nature of this insight is not clear to Katrina, she has come to think that they are urging her towards some kind of change in how she lives her life. Will she come to understand the purpose for her strange gift?


Rachel is the type of person who can somehow fit an entire week of productivity into a day. Rachel and Katrina have been acquainted since they were in high school, and really made friends once they began sharing a space together since their time at Equiston University! She’s Kat’s peppy roommate and a fellow art school graduate/drifter, and when she is not working alongside Kat at “Melissa’s”, she is either babysitting Robbie, jogging a couple miles, or doing something crafty in her room! She doesn’t seem to mind doing the brunt of the moneymaking, either, since it was her idea to move out to Foefurr with Katrina. She even seems to get pleasure out of gently nudging Katrina into being a responsible adult. Despite living with her for such a long time, Rachel doesn’t reveal much about her personal life to her roommate. Though she shows a friendly ‘open book’ personality, Rachel remains guarded when it comes to discussing her family, especially her relationship with her late aunt. Rachel hopes to find her way into a career as an artist. With her talent and drive, it is almost certain to happen, right?


This acquaintance of Katrina’s is known around Foefurr as “that guy with the twin sister,” but there are a few people who know about the other side of Ashley Greene. In his day to day life, he is a gloomy and temperamental graphic designer who is mostly going through the motions of his routine. However, in his off time, he can often be found out around town dressed in a more feminine attire. Ashley has been crossdressing since he was a teenager, and while his reasoning is uncertain, even to himself, it is something he does that makes him feel more comfortable with himself. Past experiences with sharing his secret life have ended up causing more problems than it solves, so he keeps it mostly to himself, even away from his own roommate.


Selma and Katrina were best friends as kids, and even though they’ve drifted apart since then, they remain close to each other. It would never seem obvious from her serious exterior, but Selma was secretly thrilled when she found out Katrina was coming to live in Foefurr. After serving as a police officer for a year in the city, she had begun to miss her old life in Salem, so she was overjoyed to know that a piece of that life would be near her again. Selma is seen as a promising rookie on the force, and handles her work with the a certain seriousness and professionalism that she doesn’t know how to check at the door when she’s not working.


Jasmine is what one might call an “eccentric genius.” She is a fast learner, and breezes through most tasks which require a little critical thought. When approached about her intelligence, she often jokes “If I’m so smart, why did I pursue a degree in writing?” It is believed her love of creative writing came from her interest in watching anime as a girl, her favorite series being “Maiden Usa,” a fantasy series about a lawyer who also fights crime. Jasmine is an incisive lady, and rarely lets anything go unscrutinized. This can make her a bit volatile, and she tends to make her friends feel as if they are walking on eggshells around particularly sensitive subjects, especially with her short-lived relationship with Ashley Greene.


Victor is an ideal next door neighbor. An engineer by day, he lives downstairs from Katrina and Rachel on his own. The extra space is useful since he junks up a lot of space fixing computers on the side. He’s the nicest guy you’ll ever meet, always happy to help, and always has a bad joke at the ready to try and brighten up your day. It’s this warm attitude that makes Katrina so attracted to him. Of course, he hasn’t picked up on her feelings, since his romantic interest lies with his own girlfriend, Elise. Thankfully for Kat, Vic isn’t the best at reading the signals she uncontrollably broadcasts.


Sweet as honey, and patient as can be, you could say Elise was made to be a grade school teacher. Her excellent memory and sharp wit even make her a fun conversational partner outside of work. Many women (namely Katrina), perceive her as a perfect lady. Of course Elise would deny that accusation, but she would be lying if she said she didn’t like hearing it. She is the middle of three sisters living at home with her parents. Elise plans on moving out soon, but she’s been rather secretive about what’s been holding her back, even from Victor.


The entrepreneur owner of Melissa’s Diner and all around approachable fellow. Chuck’s history in Foefurr goes back to his days as a young man. He is known and respected by many as an upright and honest man, and some of the older ladies in town even admit to finding him to be quite the catch. While a firm boss, Chuck is understanding to the needs of his employees and tries to keep them happy. He works day and night to keep his business afloat as well as taking time to be a dad to his daughter, Claire. While juggling a hectic lifestyle, he also has to take time for Trisha, his fiancee, to help plan their upcoming wedding. While Chuck is happy with the way his life is going, he can’t help but notice how his work, his family, and his love-life, are all grinding together and causing undue amounts of friction, all while he still mourns his late wife, Melissa.


Trisha has lived in Foefurr since her first marriage, which ended in divorce shortly after the birth of her son, Robbie. Despite the strain being a single mother put on her demanding career as a nurse, she has managed to power through the difficult times with a little support from friends and family to watch her kid. As such, Trisha is a bit of a hands-off mom, but her relationship with her son is functional, and that’s something she can be proud of. Though high strung, she has lately been able to relax a little in finding consistent guardians for Robbie when she has to work. Both her fiancee, Chuck, and friend and trusted babysitter, Rachel, are more than happy to keep an eye on her child. All things considered, Trisha is affirmed that she’s handling everything from her career to her relationships like a pro. Well- except for her soon to be step-daughter. That relationship might take a little figuring out...


While she is personable and friendly to customers and friends, Claire is a bit of an angsty teenager to anyone that she decides she doesn’t like. Katrina is an unfortunate victim of Claire’s disdain, probably out of a misguided jealousy over Kat’s friendship with Victor, whom she happens to have a crush on. Another such target of Claire’s sass is her soon to be stepmother, Trisha. It turns out that she is not exactly comfortable with the idea of her late mother being replaced, and is not taking this change very well. While she loves her stepdad and wants him to be happy, she cannot help but feel helpless to stop things from changing in her world.


Though he is a goofy teenager who spends a little too much time reading about memes, Robbie is an otherwise well behaved young man. His mom and dad divorced when he was a baby, and while he sees his dad whenever he’s in town on business, Robbie very much sees Trisha as his sole parent. This mindset could explain why he holds the opposite opinion about the impending wedding that his step-sister to be does. Robbie actually likes Chuck a lot and is excited to have him be his dad.


He’s a short order cook at Melissa’s that has a reputation with the waitresses for his terrible attitude. Calvin doesn’t care that he is seen as abrasive, sexist, and overall unpleasant to deal with. The truth is he’s not exactly a bad person, but he definitely says what’s on his mind. He tries to ‘keep it real’ so that he is just as unrestrained when he goes out on stage to play with his band, ‘Stiff Tips’. He plays guitar with the hopes of one day being able to find a career in playing music. However, it is fortunate that he is an impeccably reliable employee, because while it’s clear music is where his passion lies, it is also clear that he and his friends are just a notch better than amateurs when it comes to talent and showmanship.

Rachel A.

It is unfortunate (but maybe not at all surprising) that the person who probably hates Calvin the most also has to work as closely as possible with. Rachel A., who is the victim of constant name confusions with Katrina’s roommate. At her workstation, Rachel would appear to be nothing but a bubbling pot of rage, but to the surprise of her co-workers, she’s a really cool headed and approachable person to people she doesn’t outright hate. She moved to Foefurr recently to finish up with college, since a family issue caused her to have to take a few years off. Rachel loves musicals, and can often be heard in her apartment singing along without realizing she’s doing it. Her specific tastes in music also allow her to speak from a point of authority when telling Calvin how bad his musical ability is. At least, that’s what she tells herself.