Jasmine Carbonell as Katrina Lynn
Andre Martinez as Jacob Woolfe

KAT: "H-hey! "
JAKE: "Hey."
KAT: "I didn't- uh- think you were gonna call me back!"
KAT: "Because... you know..."
JAKE: "Oh, the k- i- s- s? Nah, don't worry about it."
KAT: "R-Really? It felt like a pretty big deal. I don’t just kiss people, even if I like them a lot..."
JAKE: "I mean, you can't help how you feel, right? It's like 'the urges,' yaknow?"
KAT: "Yeah- but wait a second, I thought those were made up! Like, aren’t ‘the urges’ just a thing boys tell girls about to get them to sleep with them?"
JAKE: "Well it makes sense to me. Compatible people being attracted to each other by reproductive instinct? It's nature- isn't it? "
KAT: "Does that mean you're-like, not attracted to Selma?"
JAKE: "Don't get me wrong- I like Selma! And I'm plenty attracted to her looks-wise, but just 'cause I'm dating someone else, doesn't mean I don't get a little something offa you!"
KAT: "A l-little something?"
JAKE: "'The urges' work both ways, Kat."
KAT: "Are...are you saying what I th-think you are?"
JAKE: "That i find you attractive? Yeah. I do. It might just be the surprise of it, but I really felt sparks fly when you kissed me on Friday. I've been thinking about it a lot, and I don't know how to deal with it. "
KAT: "But...you can't...we cant...I screwed up! You have to just forget it happened!"
JAKE: "I want to, but I dunno if I can just close the door on th- "
KAT: "Jake?? Are you ok?"
JAKE: "Oh! Jas just came in, I don't know what she wants, but...I think we'd be better off talkin’ about this in person. Maybe tomorrow after school?"
KAT: "Okay...anything else you wanna talk about?"
JAKE: "She seems insistent on asking me about something...I'd better just go."
KAT: "Oh. Sorry."
JAKE: "Call you back later, alright?"
KAT: "Y-yeah."